Outdoor Bubble Fountain

What You'll Need: 

Supplies Needed: (you should be able to find all these items at your local big box hardware store or on Amazon)

  • Submersible pump
  • clear vinyl tubing (whatever size goes with your pump)
  • 1 small and one large waterproof pot w/ no drainage holes. (Plastic or the fake stone-looking pots)
  • something for the small pot to sit on (upside down pot, brick or a cinder block)
  • drill and bit
  • Several medium sized rocks
  • bag of pea gravel or small decorative river rock
  • clear waterproof silicone caulk/sealant
  • electrical supplies needed to splice the electrical cord
How It's Done: 
Step 1:  Cutting and splicing the electrical cord:

 ***This step is only necessary if you don't want your cord to be seen.  If your fountain is in a corner or up against the a wall, you might be able to just drape the electric cord over the edge and hide it.  If this is the case skip to step 2.***

Drill a small hole near the bottom of the large pot.  The diameter of the hole should be just big enough for the pump power cord.  Cut the pump power cord in half - somewhere in the middle.

 Thread the pump cord through the hole you drilled and splice the cord back together. 

Step 2:  Assembling the pots

Stack the brick or upside down pot at the bottom of the larger pot.  Add a couple of larger rocks around the bottom of the pot and find a secure spot for the pump to rest.

Stack the smaller pot on the brick and decide where the hole for the tubing needs to be.  Drill a small hole just large enough for the tubing. (You might want to move the pot to it's final location, it will get heavy with all the rocks.)
Connect the tubing to the pump and slide it through the hole you drilled in the smaller pot.
Add a few large rocks to hold the tubing in place. (This may take two people)  Make sure the end of the tube will sit right below the water line.  (Keep it long, so you can trim it later.)

Seal the drilled holes with the silicone caulk.  Follow the package instructions on how long to wait before adding water.  

Once the silicone is dry, add water to test the silicone seals and add more silicone if you have any leaks.  

Step 3: Making it pretty:

Add more of the bigger rocks as needed.

Add pea gravel/small decorative rocks to the pots as needed, just to a couple of inches below the rim.  This will also help keep the tube in place. 

You can also add the pea gravel/small river rock to the larger pot, but do not cover the pump. 

Fill with water and turn on the pump.  Trim the tube a tiny bit at a time to get the proper bubbling- be careful not to trim too much, because you have siliconed the tube in at the bottom.

Enjoy your Bubble Fountain!