Floral Wall Sconces

What You'll Need: 

White Watercolor Paper
Pom trim
Hot Glue
Paint (optional)
3M tape

How It's Done: 

step-1 Cut your white paper at 2×2. (If you want to paint a pattern on your paper, begin so now).

step-2 Begin by taking one corner of the paper, and tightly rolling to the other side. When rolling, make sure the bottom stays tight, but the top has a wide opening for a bouquet of flowers.

step-3 When cone shape is formed, take your hot glue gun adhere the sconce closed.

step-4 Then, take your pom trim and glue it to the middle of the sconce.

step-5 Take a piece of 3M tape and adhere it to your wall.

step-6 Make a dainty bouquet, and fill the sconce.