How to enhance your home’s curb appeal

First, take a look at your house from the eye of a buyer. Is there faded paint on the shutters, overgrown bushes around the front windows and tired mulch? Besides just re-mulching, there are simple upgrades that sellers can make to the existing landscaping so that the property makes a great first impression.

Landscapers generally agree that the most visually appealing yards are the ones that have a sense of continuous flow. It can often make small spaces feel much larger. The first step to creating a cohesive feel is to use only a few different types of plants for the majority of the landscaping. Rely on a small number of other species as accent pieces or to add color, but stick with a core set of similar plants so the space doesn’t look as though it is broken up into different sections.

Another way to develop a sense of flow is to place certain visual markers along sight lines that draw the eye from one end of the yard to another. The easiest way to do this is to lay a path that subtly transitions in the same places the yard does, at slight changes in elevation or where shaded areas transition to open sun. If that isn’t possible, then a few strategically placed taller plants, subtle decorations, or lighting fixtures can create the same impression. Solar-powered lights are an inexpensive way to illuminate a yard since they don’t require an electrician to install.

Outdoor spaces that are designed for entertaining add to the value of a home. The key is to have a space that is versatile enough to host everything from your kid’s birthday party to evening cocktails. Have hard surfaces where people can mingle as well as grassy areas where kids can play safely without getting too many cuts and scrapes.

High-impact perks can make a big difference in sale-ability. Fire pits and outdoor gas flames are hot right now. Check your local home improvement store for some great low-cost options. Outdoor speakers enhance the entertainment factor, as does an outdoor wet bar near the grill.

The value of an impressive exterior cannot be overstated when it comes to listing a home. The investment, however, does not have to be big in order to see a return. Creating versatile entertaining areas, a unified sense to the entire space, and a few technological perks can make all the difference when it comes to attracting a buyer. But if you are only going to do one thing, start with the view from the curb.